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Teen says service award helped her bring awareness to Diabetes

RUSTON, La. - Anna Katherine Tollett is in small company.

She's one of few that have been nominated for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award.

Even though she represented Louisiana in 2017, for her and others who have to fight against diabetes the timing couldn't be more perfect.

"November is diabetes awareness month make sure you know the three major signs of type 1 diabetes," Tollett said.

Frequent urination, increase of thirst and weight loss are some of the symptoms parents can look for in their children to see if they are suffering from the effects of diabetes.

An issue Tollett has been able to highlight on the big stage.

As a voice for more than 30 million people fighting diabetes, Tollett has made her presence felt, advocating on the state level and even in Washington D.C.

As one of two representatives from Louisiana, in 2017 she says the big impact was from watching what others like her had accomplished.

"I had the opportunity to meet other youth across the nation and see all the amazing work that they had done," she said.

An honor that's taken her places she never thought she could go. It gave her a chance to meet people like Olympic Gold-winning swimmer, Michael Phelps said.

As she continues to make leaps and bounds for diabetes awareness, the Prudential Spirit of the Community award can keep her mission in the spotlight and bring more support to people just like her.

To nominate someone from your community in 2018 the deadline is Tuesday November 7, 2017.


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** The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards application is online at spirit.prudential.com or by calling  855.670.4787

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