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Tallulah Assistant Police Chief arrested

TALLULAH, La. - The small community of Tallulah has been rattled  by some big news.

A law enforcement officer accused of breaking the law.

Strong allegations against the Assistant Police Chief, Jimmy Guy, launched an investigation by Louisiana State Police and when it was all said and done he was moved from the Tallulah Police Department to the Madison Parish Jail.  

Those allegations include malfeasance in office and encouraging child delinquency.

"[It's] heart wrenching I'm just shocked because I never heard of this before," Herring said.

When residents hear about both charges there's one that sticks out.

 The one that involves misconduct with a minor.
"Anything [dealing] with a child would be more serious to me than the malfeasance in office part," resident, Kevin Allen, said.

Allen says he wants the whole story before he rushes to judgment.

"We hope that it's not true and we hope for the best for everybody involved," Allen said.

Whether the allegations are true or not it couldn't come at a worse time.

Guy is running for Tallulah Police Chief in just a few weeks.

Everything like this is gonna make people perk their ears up, listen and watch closely. 

The question is what will this investigation find? 

The answer could determine if guy gets a promotion or if he will watch the next police chief take that seat from the others side of the law.

"If it is true you know hey it's something you have to deal with but right now it's still alleged," Allen said.

Louisiana State Police say this is an ongoing investigation. KTVE/KARD will update information on this case as it becomes available.


(3/6/2018) The Assistant Police Chief of Tallulah has been arrested.

According to Louisiana State Police (LSP), Jimmy Guy, 50 of Tallulah, has been arrested for encouraging child delinquency and malfeasance in office.

In February 2018, LSP was contacted by the Tallulah Police Department in reference to a complaint involving Guy. 

LSP launched an investigation into these accusations. 

Through the course of the investigation and after interviewing witnesses, Guy was arrested and booked into the Madison Parish Jail. 

His bond was set at $5,750.00.

This is an active and on-going investigation.  

The Louisiana State Police online reporting system is also available to the public through a convenient and secure reporting form that is submitted to the appropriate investigators. Citizens can access the form by visiting www.lsp.org and clicking the Suspicious Activity link.

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