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Street drugs in disguise hit Natchitoches

Natchitoches Parish, La. - Natchitoches Parish law enforcement warn about street drugs in disguise.

Officials with the Multijurisdiction Drug Task Force said people are illegally buying narcotics that turn out to be stronger substances.

Crime lab reports show pills being sold as ecstasy are really pure methamphetamine and bath salts instead of MDMA. 

Prescription pain killers such as Loratab are really heroin and fentanyl and synthetic marijuana is being laced with PCP.

Officials say they worry these drugs will increase addiction and overdoses. 

"These designer drugs aren't coming from the pharmacy. There's no safe guards in their manufacturing. They're being made in clandestine labs and they're putting anything they want in there," said Jesse Taitano, co-commander Natchitoches Drug Task Force.

You can anonymously report suspected drug activity to the task force at 318-357-2248. 

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