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Sterlington family speaks out after dog was mauled in front yard

Sterlington, La.-- - One Sterlington family is thankful their 12-pound terrier-mix dog named Pixie is alive. 

Just days ago she was fighting for her life. 

"She wanted to know if that was Pixie that was hollering and I said 'Yes, it was and she was hurt bad'," owner Bruce Bonner said.

Bonner said he took Pixie for a walk in their front yard Thursday morning. The little pooch was attached to a leash.

Yet, in just seconds, Bonner said his dog was under attack.

"I turned around and looked and saw the blonde dog that belongs to our neighbors with Pixie's head in her mouth," he said.

He then saw a second dog going after Pixie, and before he could rescue her the damage was already done.

During this brutal attack, one of the little dog's eyes was gouged out.

"Her left eye was completely hanging out and blood was just going everywhere," Bonner said.

The news caught the attention of Sterlington Police Chief Barry Bonner, who is cracking down on leash laws in the town. 

He said owners must keep track of their dogs, or else they will be cited.

"You should be able to walk in your neighborhood and enjoy your community without being worried about being attacked by some dog," Chief Bonner said.

While Pixie is still alive, she is now missing an eye, and the situation could have turned deadly.

"You can not know what's in that dog's mind. You do not know what that trigger is. None of us do," Chief Bonner added.

"Keep 'em on a leash when they're outside or keep them behind a fence or keep them in the house," Bonner said.


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