Sterlington audit questions spending and ticket 'quotas'

Sterlington, La - The latest audit of the town of Sterlington has stirred up some intense controversy. The audit alleges misuse of money meant to treat water and sewage, it finds that a proposed $78,000 gas line doesn't meet state criteria, the audit itself was filed late and it raises questions about what some see as a ticket quota by Sterlington police.

Sterlington Mayor Vern Breland spoke with us in regard to the audit saying, "The town has a plan to repay the money, we thought we were in the guidelines of the law, turns out we weren't and I take full responsibility." 

Some residents say they still have faith everything will be just fine. "They found the problem, but I feel like Sterlington will get the problem resolved, they're working on taking care of the problem and everything's going to be okay. I know we all have problems but it's nothing that can't be solved," says resident Sharon Flintroy.

The 2016 audit of the town of Sterlington does prove the misuse of funds but some residents believe the promises made are still not enough. 

One resident says he just wants the government to be held accountable, "I wish that the law enforcement apparatus of North Louisiana and the state at whole would investigate this to the fullest extent of the law just as they would anyone else who committed a crime in Louisiana," says Nick Farrar.

Others say they support the police, "Sterlington Police Department  may have had ticket quotas I don't really know, but I know that Sterlington Police does their job, they work hard, and they keep Sterlington quiet," says resident Micah Young.

In response to the audit findings Police Chief Barry Bonner says he did issue memos referencing average citations per shift and he apologizes for his poor choice of words.

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