St. Joseph unveiled a new water treatment facility and produced clean water in over 10 years

TENSAS PARISH, La - (3/13/18) -- The sign of clear running water is a sign of major progress that is happening in the city of St. Joseph.

A faulty and poorly  maintained facility resulted in lead-filled water for residents in St. Joseph of Tensas Parish. For over 10 years, residents could not properly bathe nor drink the water.

From dirty mineral water to clean purified water, residents of St. Joseph have endured a long journey to finally get to this point.

The new plant was funded with $8 Million in State Capital Outlay and nearly $600,000 from the Delta Regional Authority, but Governor John Bel Edwards hopes to continue completing infrastructure projects in the state despite the hiccups from the recent Special Session.

"We're going to continue to focus capital outlay on projects like this. Now, we've got budget problems in  Baton Rouge because even though that is operating budget issues, it affects our capacity for capital outlay," says Governor John Bel Edwards.

The new facility was built in 2 years, which is record time for a major infrastructure project, but this is just the first of many issues to resolve.

"We've got some clean up to do now and the contractors are willing to help us to clean up what they so called messed up in laying the new lines and so forth. We've got that to do. We're asking our citizens to be patient with us. We've got some drainage problems that we need to address, like some street problems. Hopefully, we'll be able to get help," says Mayor Elvadus Fields.

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