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South Arkansas family seeks justice for loved one lost in pedestrian accident

EL DORADO, Ark. - 2018 March 16

"You just left my baby laying there, and I am mad about it," said Phyllis King, Donald's mother. "I am upset about it because he had people that loved him, he had children. He had a mother that loved him."

A mother barely able to hold back her emotions as she thinks back to the night her son lost his life.

Union County officials say 42- year-old Donald Manning died in a pedestrian accident on Smackover Highway about 5 o'clock this past Sunday morning.

Manning's only sister says the family just want answers, and particularly from the driver.

"Then where is the human side of the individuals that were involved in the accident if there was no witness there to help him," said Christie Manning. "At what point did you dehumanize him?

But Manning's loved ones say they are just trying to make sense of it all, and they want the person responsible, no matter who it is to pay the time.

"None of it makes sense, and I'm trying to make sense of something that happened to my brother because I was robbed," said Dewayne King, Donald's brother. "I was robbed of my brother."

Investigators say some questions can't be answered just yet because they are working all of their sources--but they say they are working diligently.

"The reason we hesitate or we wait to share some information is because we don't know who we are going to have to talk to yet, who may have seen something, who may know, something," said Jeff Stinson, Union County Sheriff's Office. 

And while the Manning's fight through the grief, members pray that justice will be served for him.

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