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Senator Bill Cassidy says his healthcare bill covers more than Obamacare

Monroe, La - Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy has received a lot of backlash for this proposed healthcare bill, but he insists it will cover more people than Obamacare.

Senator Cassidy claims his bill will protect people with pre-existing conditions, and that there will be billions of dollars in coverage for working families.

The proposed bill will give the power back to the states versus the federal government when it comes to funding healthcare.

Residents of the Arklamiss shared with us what they see as the current state of healthcare and Senator Cassidy's ideas for changing coverage.

"I think we need something more universal because if I get hurt in Texas and I'm from Louisiana or Mississippi, are they going to treat me the same in Texas because I'm not a Texan," says a Monroe resident in reference to Senator Cassidy's proposal.

"I make too much money to qualify for the lower end but I don't make enough to qualify for the free end so I'm stuck in the middle so it's awful for middle class Americans," says Cydnee Callicott when talking about the current Obamacare plan.

If the Cassidy Graham healthcare bill doesn't get 50 votes by September 30th, the bill will be in need of the regular 60 votes to be passed as legislation.



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