Second suspect arrested in August robbery

DOWNSVILLE, La. - A second arrest has been made by Union Parish sheriff’s detectives in the August robbery of a Downsville woman at her residence.

Vanessa N. Helfrick, 26, of 746 Miller Rd., Monroe, was arrested March 17 and booked into the parish detention center. Justin D. Wall, 37, of Downsville, was arrested Feb. 27 on the same charge.

The two are charged with first-degree robbery and have been released on $10,000 bonds.

The victim first reported on Aug. 23 that Wall and Helfrick came to her home and when they left the victim discovered a Dell laptop, a Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 cell phone and two wild game cameras missing.

Then on Sept. 19, the victim called a detective and stated she wanted to clear up the story she first told. She stated that Wall and Helfrick came visiting and forced her to take some pills against her will. She stated that Wall showed her a pistol strapped to his ankle and that Helfrick wore a pistol on her hip.

The victim told detectives that she screamed and that brought her 11-year-old son into her bedroom where he witnessed what was occurring. The boy then left the house and brought back a neighbor.

The neighbor told detectives that the boy’s mother met him at the door and assured him nothing was wrong, but he had his doubts.

A witness also told detectives that he watched as Wall took the items from the house and then left.



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