School board members vote to file suit against Excellence Academy to reclaim assets

Monroe, La.-- - The fight isn't over between Monroe City Schools and Excellence Academy Charter School.

Thursday night school board members voted to file a suit against the academy in order to recoup their assets.

Superintendent Brent Vidrine said the district has a inventory of the school's property, but everything is locked inside the building.

The board's attorney said they've done everything they can to reclaim their assets, but are let with no choice but to go to court.  

"If there's a way to do this short of litigation we'll do that, but we've tried so this is sort of our last step in that regards," board attorney Douglas Lawrence said.

The district is looking to reclaim any money the school has and items, like technology, that were bought with tax payer money.

This comes after the school's charter wasn't renewed in April. The issue was then taken to court, but later dismissed.

Executive Director of Excellence Academy Roosevelt Wright said that there's not a reason for a suit and that the school never said the board couldn't reclaim their items. 

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