School board fined more than $230,000 for failing to pay taxes on time

Bienville Parish, La.-- - The Bienville Parish School Board is being fined more than $230,000 after auditors said the board failed to pay its taxes on time.

"My reaction?" resident Elmo Gray Jr. said. "Someone wasn't doing their job. Somebody, what they call them- accountants- wasn't keeping up with the taxes and stuff and paying them. They probably got the money there, but like I said somebody wasn't doing their job."

The audit said one person was in charge of making the tax deposits, and no one else reviewed their work.

Reports said management didn't know the tax returns hadn't been filed and now they were being charged with penalties.

"Someone needs to start paying attention to paying the taxes and taking care of business. If you don't take care of business you'll have more to pay back than before," Gray Jr. said.

We talked to residents who said they're concerned they'll have to pay for the school board's mistakes. 

"They'll slide it in there some kind of way. They'll ease it in the budget or they'll ease it in the grocery store or they'll ease it on the light bill or gas bill.We're gonna pay for it," Gray Jr. added.

We tried reaching out to the superintendent and the school board president, but both were unavailable for comment. 

You can view the whole audit here--$FILE/0001480C.pdf 

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