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Ruston welcomes new shopping center, plans to grow the city economically

RUSTON. La. - "Everywhere I look, things are going on and I think my grandparents would be proud of it," said Beulah Laster.

Laster says Ruston is a place she calls home, one that her grandparents discovered many years ago.

"My grandmother and grandfather, I have pictures of them riding in a horse and buggy, a really pretty buggy, going down the road on this road . I can't help but think, what would they think," she said. 

The city of Ruston has broken ground on a new shopping center to be named Ruston Marketplace. It's another project that Mayor Ronny Walker says will be another good economic development opportunity. 

"This is another way our citizens and other citizens can spend money here in Ruston and it stays here. It's all about jobs, everything we talk about is education and jobs. This is one of those opportunities for this community and this development to provide a hundred jobs for people," said Walker. 

Laster says she can just imagine how her grandparents would feel seeing how much Ruston has grown.

"I could just hear them saying, Oh look at y'all, oh look what they're doing, they'd have us all standing out here so I just had to come out today," Laster said. 

To Laster, there's no place in the world like the city of Ruston. "This is home and I love it, I mean I think we're the luckiest people in the world this is the best place in the world to be."

Ruston Marketplace is scheduled  to open next spring and is expected to bring roughly 80 job opportunities.

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