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Ruston police officer stops cancer survivor for hug

RUSTON - It's what the Ruston Chamber of Commerce calls, Everyday Excellence. NBC 10's Chelsea Jones was there to witness the reunion of cancer survivor Reshon Ford and Sgt. Edward Faile. A bond that began with a routine traffic stop that went viral on Facebook.

Reshon Ford, a three time cancer survivor, was driving as normal and before you know it, she got pulled over. Ford was confused, "I said oh I know I came to a complete stop, wait a minute, hold on, so he got out and said are you a survivor and I said yes. he said aw I just want to hug your neck."

Her car elaborately decorated with pink ribbons, balloons, and posters, is what caught the eye of Officer Faile. However, it was a deeper connection that made him stop Reshon. "It hits home for me and my family, my daughter was a cancer survivor. She was at St. Jude for 2 1/2 years for lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma," said Faile.

What Reshon thought was an unwarranted traffic stop touched the both of them, but for her, the gesture was right on time. "It was l ike a burst of emotions, like he said he just wanted to give me a hug he just embraced me and I needed that at that moment."

For Sgt. Faile, he was just doing his job, "All the officers out here and in this department they do a good job they help people everyday and all day. That's who we are, we're first responders we're here to help."

The Ruston Chamber of Commerce surprised Sgt. Faile with the Everyday Excellence Award for making a difference in the community. 

Reshon says that her choice to decorate her car was to encourage people battling cancer to know they are not alone and that quitting is not an option.



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