Ruston man faces 1400 criminal charges; girlfriend accused of conspiracy

Girlfriend's family claims she's innocent

RUSTON, La -- - A Ruston man faces 1400 criminal charges. Money laundering, bank fraud and vehicle theft.

31-year-old Jarius Bell is behinds bars on a $2 million bond.

His girlfriend, Kretena Hunter, caught right in the mix. 

So is she  innocent or guilty by association? 

Family members say the answer is simple.

"She don't have anything to do with the charges that's being brought against her and i think it's unjust," Chasity Hunter said.

Hunter's family believes she appeared guilty after three of the nine stolen vehicles were found at her home on Abbot street.

There were no signs of any wrongdoing until a 2015 Chevy Camaro was reported stolen in Arkansas.
Investigators believe bell was presenting false paperwork to purchase multiple vehicles.
Loved ones say -- hunter a 37-year-old mother of four with no criminal record--has a reputation opposite of what she's being accused of.
"She's been in the nursing field for twenty plus years she's been a nurse for about seven or eight years and she works hard for everything sometimes if it takes two-three jobs," Hunter said.
Everyone  in full support hoping these charges are eventually dropped and she can go free.
"I want her to continue to be strong and let her know she's coming home she is innocent," Hunter said.


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