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Ruston hospital saved by local company

RUSTON, La. - For people in the City of Ruston Ruston Regional Specialty Center is more than a hospital.
It's a place they can get special care.
The only hospital like it in the Lincoln Parish area, but last year this place was shutting down leaving people without jobs and patients without a place to go.
"I was scared I pretty much thought the place that I thought i'd find my forever work home was coming to an end," Chief Nursing Officer, April Easley said.

"It was devastating because the reason I've stayed for 20 years is I love the people I love this hospital," Business Office Director, April Easley said.
In April of 2017, Life Care Hospital announced  they were closing.
Shocking patients and nearly 170 employees, but a month later their prayers were answered.
Local entrepreneur, Mark Rice decided to step in.

"The absence of the hospital would have created a very large hole in the medical community and we didn't want to see that happen," he said.
For Rice, saving this hospital was personal.
"We knew a lot of the employees. More importantly we knew the need for the hospital."
They've set higher goals.

"We essentially re-invented the hospital," he said.
"We now have physicians on duty 24 hours a day 365 days a year."
New look, new feel, new confidence.

"The management is mostly local they have a really big interest in the community," Nephrlogist, Dr. Michael Nammour, said.
It's personal for the employees too.

"Our hearts are in it everyone that works here is connected in some way shape or form," Easley said.
"We've gotten back in our groove and we're very happy.
We're going to continue to be here in the community.
Specialists, happy to bring their care to the City of Ruston.
"This is my town this is the care we're able to provide and we love doing it," Easley said.

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