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Riot at the Swanson Center For The Youth is under investigation

Monroe, La.-- - A riot broke out at the Swanson Center For The Youth, leaving 5 teens with some hefty criminal charges. 

NBC 10/FOX 14 picked up their arrest reports, which painted a better picture of what happened that night.

Reports said the 5 teens escaped from their dormitory around 10 p.m.

The teens, all over the age of 17, included Demetri Phillips, Leonte Poindexter, William Lewis, Rashad Thorton, and Jacob Hardyway. 

Then chaos broke out in a dayroom behind the center's barbed wire fences. 

Reports said one suspect flipped the security desk and sofa chairs in the room.

It added that others made verbal threats to the staff, saying that they would hurt them if they attempted to stop them from acting out. 

Reports also said that two of the teen suspects punched Swanson employees in the face.

We spoke to representatives at the Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice, who stressed that the incident was not campus-wide and was limited to one dormitory.

They also wanted to clarify that a riot, by law, consists of 3 or more people contributing violence or damage to property.

The five face a variety of charges including battery of a correctional officer and aggravated escape. 


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