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Residents in Morehouse Parish can't drive on some roads making it impossible to get anywhere

MOREHOUSE PARISH, La - (1/30/18) -- The journey to Elmo Bollick Road and Sunshine Road in Morehouse Parish is a bumpy trip full of potholes. So bad that vehicles are getting stuck in knee deep potholes. One resident, Damian Bollich, says he can't get to his house or drive to work.

"If it rains, which it's been doing lately, these roads are impassible. We cannot get firetrucks in, I'm with the volunteer fire department and we cannot get them in," says Bollich.

Bollich's mother recently broke her hip and could not get medical help to her house. Any assistance has to drive a 20 mile detour to get to her house.

"When you have a house and you can't get to it, what are you supposed to do? Can't get emergency vehicles in," says Bollich.

Bollich has reached out the Morehouse Parish Police Jury and has heard nothing.

"This has been going on for several several years and I keep talking to the police jury. I went to one of their meetings. They came out 3 years ago and looked at the roads and said they're terrible. Okay what happened? Nothing. It was just forgotten," says Bollich.

"This is very frustrating because we can't get anyone out here hardly. And this isn't just the past year," says Bollich.

There is a new road superintendent working on this problem but he can only do so much work by himself. Bollich says he is doing all he can and thanks him but says he needs more help to fix this problem now.

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