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Reggie Brown's lawsuit still pending against the Monroe Civil Service Board

The race to finding the next Monroe Police Chief is over.

For the Mayor Jamie Mayo, Eugene Ellis is the best choice.

"He was the right person at the right time and the right place," Mayor Jamie Mayo said.

 Mayo says it was a tough call but the resume Ellis brings stood out above the rest 

"Extensive experience with the City of Monroe, 31 years," Mayo said.

"He's a Monroe native, he's been involved with the police department in so many different capacities. "

Now a name in the race that was surrounded by controversy is back in the picture.

Executive officer Reggie Brown.

 His lawsuit against the Monroe Civil Service Board is moving forward.

Even though Brown did eventually become a candidate for Police Chief spot he got eliminated when a semi-final list of six was released.

Now a big question for his lawyers.

Where do they go from here?    

Brown's legal team accused the board of discrimination and unfair practices when his name was scratched off the list to compete for the job in the beginning of the process.

Will the lawsuit be settled before it gets to court?

Or now that the new chief has been selected---will the attention to this case be even bigger?

Questions that may be answered in the near future.

Last we spoke with lead counsel, Jessica Williams, they were waiting on the board's answer to the petition to figure out exactly what their next move will be.

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