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Police: West Monroe man is an attempted ax murderer

WEST MONROE, La. - (5/15/2018) A 50-year-old West Monroe man is under arrest after police say he tried to kill a woman with an ax. Now, he is facing Attempted Second Degree Murder charges.

Just before midnight on Monday May 14, 2018, police were called to Parent Street. The caller said a man was attacking a woman with an ax. When police arrived, they arrested Anthony Powell.

According to the police report, both the victim and a witness say Powell was yelling at the victim while she was sitting in a car. They say Powell used the ax to break out the windows. They say he then opened the door, pulled the victim out, and began striking her in the abdomen and legs with the ax.

The victim fell on the ground, and police say Powell continued hitting her with the ax. The victim and the witness both say Powell continued yelling at her, saying he would kill her, and he continued to hit her with the ax and kick her.

Police say Powell did not give them a statement, and would not do so without a lawyer present. At the hospital, the victim told police Powell has mad several threats to her previously.

Police say Powell has a criminal history, including convictions of Aggravated Battery, and Aggravated Assault. Police say Powell is currently on a trespass notice for the victim's home. He has no bond at this time.

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