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POLICE: Bar fight leads to a broken leg for a bartender & a man under arrest

MONROE, La. - (2/6/2018) According to a police report, Monroe Police say a 20-year-old West Monroe man refused to pay his bar tab, started fighting with the restaurant staff, which led to a bartender's leg being broken. The suspect, John Wilkin Thorpe, is now under arrest.

Police say around 2:20 a.m on February 4, 2018, they were called to Club Neat at 513 N. 3rd Street for a call about a theft.

When officers arrived, they spoke with the owner who said Thorpe refused to tell them how he was going to pay for a $32 bar tab. The owner says after about 30 minutes of trying to get Thorpe to pay the tab, Thorpe began to fight with the bar staff. 

During the fight, witnesses say Thorpe pushed one of the bartenders into the front door, breaking a hinge on the door. Once outside, witnesses told police that Thorpe forced a bartender to the ground, breaking the bartender's right leg.

Police cuffed and arrest Thorpe at the scene. Once he was advised of his Miranda rights, police say Thorpe did not have anything to say.

Thorpe is facing three charges, including Theft, Simple Damage to Property, and Second Degree Battery which is a felony. Thorpe has a bond of $6,000.

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