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Parents on watch after bus stop stalker gets locked up

MONROE, La. - A neighborhood witnesses a disturbing arrest.

A man accused of stalking a little girl gets locked up.

Residents shocked to find out that the accused, Lloyd Barret Brown, is also a registered sex offender.

"You don't expect that you're going move somewhere that's going to be sex offenders so close or a sex offender would come so close,"  resident,   

Brown was caught following a young girl from a bus stop after school, a neighbor and mother of six says her kids have seen him before.

"We just moved over here and I have my oldest they kind of all catch the bus together.

KTVE/KARD showed her oldest son, Kafrion, the picture he remembers something similar happening on Halloween night.

He says Brown followed him and his youngers sibling while they were trick or treating.

"I don't know what he could've did to us so we came straight home and told my mama," he said.

Investigators tell us a couple of days later, Denise Jenkins called the police and Brown was arrested for stalking her daughter.

"Her mom probably wasn't thinking you know he was what he was but she knew he was watching her," Wilson said.

A close call for one mother has many parents in the neighborhood on  on alert.

"It makes me scared, scared to just even let them come outside scared for me to even let them catch the bus," she said.

The only thing that puts her at ease is how fast the police responded.

"I know one thing that if something happens or something occurs I can always call them," Wilson said.

But she's reminding  all parents to stay on their toes.

"Just watch them at all times because if you don't you never know."

Click here to search the Louisiana State Police's State Sex Offender & Child Predator Registry.


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