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Ouachita Valley opens new branch in Monroe

MONROE, La. - Ouachita Valley Federal Credit Union is growing!

Bank officials broke ground on the credit union's newest location on 165 south Tuesday (July 11, 2017).

Board members tell NBC 10 News that an increase in branch traffic helped spur the latest location. 

A lot of bank members are driving from south Monroe to the Louisville location for services.

Soon, they'll have the convenience of a local branch which is something board members say can only help in the long-run.

"If we can take some of the ones here and service them at this location, hopefully it will pull some of the traffic off of the Louisville branch to where they can be serviced quicker and better," says Dale Liner, Chairman of the Board, OVFCU.

There are currently four bank locations across the twin cities.

Bank officials say they'll soon get to work on a new location on Louisville.

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