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Ouachita County officials continue search for missing man

OUACHITA COUNTY, Ark. - Detective Nathan Greely says in his ten years at the Ouachita County Sheriff's Department, very few "missing persons" cases have come across his desk.

"Usually a "missing persons" case, they're back within 28/48 hours."

But his most recent case is very different.

Thirty-eight-year-old Dewayne Antwon Bizzle, or also known as "Lambert"  was reported missing July 8th, five days after he disappeared.

Greeley got the notice through Facebook.

His family and friends were concerned that he might be in danger and not thinking clearly.

"They were wanting us to share a flyer," Greeley said. "I said well hey, it's been that long, you definitely need to come in and make a report."

Along with Arkansas State Police and other agencies, they searched on air and ground around Bizzle's home in Bearden, Arkansas.

So far, no clues.

Greeley says cases like this can be one of the most difficult because there are so many possibilities.

"Were they kidnapped, were they murdered, did they leave on their own?"

When they've exhausted all physical search resources, it's time for plan "b," social media.

"Facebook is one of the greatest things for law enforcement as far as finding out information.

In Bizzle's case, they will go even further.

They will send a search warrant or subpoena to Facebook to obtain his records.

"A possibility of messages that someone might send him or if he was picked up."

Greeley says with any missing person; the case will never be thrown out.

"Just because a case goes cold, doesn't mean it's ever closed."

Looking into any clue, any tip, hoping for a break that will lead them to the missing person.


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