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Northeast Louisiana Utilities takes over Greater Ouachita Water Company

Northeast Louisiana Utilities takes over Greater Ouachita Water Company

West Monroe, La. - The Greater Ouachita Water Company just announced a "new" sheriff in town. Northeast Louisiana Utilities will be taking over operations starting Monday June 4th. 

The water here in Ouachita Parish has been a hot topic these past few months.

Local resident Diane Tabulog has had issues with her water since she moved here from Memphis.

"When we first moved in I'll never forget there was a brain-eating amoeba in the water."

Inframark is moving out as Northeast Louisiana Utilities takes over. Residents were notified of the chane by letter. Northeast Louisiana Utilities president, Jeff McNew, says it's important a local company steps up to fix the ongoing water issue.

"We just wanted to get involved and bring the operations back to Monroe."

When the new company takes over officially Monday, McNew says some changes will happen immediately. 

"Customer service is our number one priority. Billing...meter reading that's on top priority...to get the company in line and pointed in the right direction."

Other changes, like new payment kiosks around the parish will happen gradually. After all the problems some residents are still optimistic this change will make a difference.

Resident Lottie Dickson says, "I just hope they get it right because you need water for so many things."

Others are still concerned. They say their water has been through so many hands.

Resident Diane Tabulog says, "I know right now they are changing companies which is a little disconcerting. Where I'm from water is a utility...water is normal."

She says she just hopes this time the water here in Ouachita Parish will be fixed for good. 

"I'm going to be honest. It is very frightening because you would expect water...we are not in a third world country we are in the United States of America water should be safe."

The new office is located at 401 Thomas Road in West Monroe. 

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