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New traffic lights in West Monroe to help with intersection congestion

WEST MONROE - Traffic flow is a big issue for busy intersections, so two sets of streets in West Monroe will be getting new traffic lights.

Mayor Dave Norris says they assess areas extensively before making a decision, "We look at places that we have congestion and especially places where we have a sight problems in other words you can't see far enough  to judge whether or not there's somebody coming." 

The intersections that made the list are Downing Pines and Mane Street as well as McMillian and Blanchard Street. "Both of the projects that are traffic light projects have some visibility issues associated with them and all of them are potential intersections with the possibility of wrecks," says Mayor Norris.

One resident says there's a bigger issue to be solved, "It seems to me that adding traffic lights doesn't deal with the fundamental problem which is bad planning to start off with and also a failure, and ongoing failure to solve the road problem," says Bernadette Cahill.

Cahill also says the town needs to start from the ground up, "They need a comprehensive new plan about how the traffic patterns should be in this place, and I don't know how they're going to do it."

Despite Cahill's apprehension, the new projects are moving forward and should be completed in 2018.

This entire project is being funded by the state of Louisiana. Mayor Norris says the new traffic lights will be adjustable depending on the time of day to help better manage traffic flow. 

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