New "Tide Pod Challenge" on social media is deadly

(41NBC/WMGT) - A new challenge is encouraging teenagers across the country to put Tide PODS in their mouth.

Dr. Rogelio Dela Cruz from Navicent Health said this challenge is deadly.

“There’s been case reports of children dying within one to two hours following ingestion of the liquid pods or the liquid capsule detergent,” Dela Cruz said.

The Tide PODS are liquid detergent pacs that people use to wash their clothes, but teenagers are instead biting into the PODS and then spitting them out or attempting to swallow them.

The Tide PODS challenge has shown up on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Dela Cruz said Tide PODS are poisonous.

“Number one it can burn the skin, so it can burn the mouth. It can burn the esophagus. It can burn your stomach, so it’s really not a good idea,” Dela Cruz said. “And if it goes through your lungs you can develop pneumonia. You can go into what we call respiratory failure and you may need to be on the ventilator.”

Dela Cruz said parents should talk to their teenagers.

“This is not a good game and this is a dangerous game to play, so always remind your children that whatever they see on the internet is not true,” he said.

Dela Cruz said if your child does eat a Tide POD you should call 911 and rinse their mouth out immediately.

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