New restaurant to be built in Crossett Neighborhood

CROSSETT, Ark. - Chester Huntsman is now seeing his dream of opening the Beech Street Bistro turn into reality after the Crossett City Council approved spot zoning for his properties.

The idea originated from meals he would fix his wife after work and post on Facebook.

"Friends of my children would call and say, 'where is the Beech Street Bistro? I have been googling it for 45  minutes.'Oh, it's my dad's house. Oh, you've got to be kidding me."

City Mayor Scott McCormick says the town used to have a population of 7,200.

The last Census showed a decline of almost 2,000 people, and he suspects more the next go around, which is why he says the town is in need of change.

"What we're looking at is ways that we can improve the city of Crossett and the opportunities that we can offer our citizens to keep them from having to move to other places," said McCormick.

Now Huntsman says he has big shoes to fill.

People are holding my feet to the fire, they say everybody talks about your cooking," said Huntsman. "Now we got to turn the grill on."

Huntsman said construction could take around three months to complete and the restaurant could be open by July.

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