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New bill to put "In God We Trust" in Louisiana public schools

West Monroe, LA - You already see the motto "In God We Trust" on your money, but now your children might be seeing it every day in school. 

Senate Bill 224 backed by Democratic Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow would require all public schools to display the national motto at every building in their jurisdiction. 

"As we are getting older, there are just some things that are not being passed down to young people, or just some things that are being skipped over," says Barrow. 

The bill passed with a landslide 93-0 vote in the House last night. Senator Barrow says its important that the youth understand how and what this country was founded upon. 

"I think it's real important that we make sure our young people understand the foundation of which this country was founded, and one of the things this country was founded on was our strength and morals as it relates to God," says Barrow. 

The bill will also require teachers to implement a lesson about the slogan as well. Placing responsibility on them to ensure the children know the history and importance behind the motto.

Some believe it will move our country in the right direction while others feel it violates the separation of church and state, obstructing the First Amendment. 

As of right now the bill is back in the Senate awaiting final approval. If Governor Edwards does sign the bill into law schools would have to make the necessary changes by the 2019-2020 school year. 




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