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New apartments unveiled in Downtown Monroe

MONROE, La. - (1/31/2018) Christie Echols has lived in Northeast Louisiana her whole life.

She grew up in Monroe and went to college at Louisiana Tech University.

Echols said one of her life-long goals has been to revitalize an area close to her heart. 

"We have such a shared passion for making the most of our community and we feel like downtown is the place to do it," she said.

Christie and her husband, city councilman and developer Michael Echols, have recently been putting this plan to action.

"We think this is the future of downtown," he said. "The more residents we can bring down here, the more businesses, the more professionals we can bring down here the better it can be."

On Monday, the opening of a new boutique hotel in the area was announced.

Wednesday night, a new development was unveiled including residential and retail spaces. 

Organizers hope that developments like this will encourage other community members and businesses to move to Downtown Monroe. 

"I think this is a really distinct sign that downtown is open for business and you're going to see more growth in the future," Michael Echols said.

All together these community members are excited to help bring life to the heart of the city of Monroe.


The Baker Bldg apartments are located at 211 Desiard Street in Downtown Monroe.

The development includes four studio apartments ranging from 794 to 941 square feet. The prices of these studios range from $1425 to $1475 per month. 

The first floor of the development contains two retail spaces. 

If you're interested in the residence apartments contact Michael Echols at (318) 366-7370.

To learn more about the retail spaces, contact Jason Thomas at (318) 388-4121. 

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