NBC 10 Special Report: A Year to the Midterms

West Monroe, LA - It's been a year now since an election day that seemed to divide people.

It felt like everyone had a strong opinion, whether you were for it, or against it.

Today, President Trump still has his staunch supporters and critics of course.

"Republicans are standing by," said Dr. Joshua Stockley, an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. "Democrats are continuing to fight."

While his approval rating may be at a low, just 38% as of late October per Fox News, the public's opinion on a president will always differ.

But after about ten months in the White House, what do those who work with and know President Trump think of him?

Your state representatives here in Louisiana have been impressed.

"I'm a huge supporter of this particular administration," said Congressman Ralph Abraham, representing Louisiana's 5th District

State senator Bill Cassidy is also a fan of the Trump administration. He and Abraham point to a few things that they like about the president, with the first being how the economy's done during his time in office.

"The number of jobs is increasing, the wages are increasing as well," said Senator Cassidy. "The Gross Domestic Product is increasing. Businesses are making long term capital investment, which means that they're planning construction and expansion of business, which means more Americans are employed."

"Objectively the economy, the market, people going back to work," said Congressman Abraham. "Numbers are very very good."

Those numbers being the 3% GPD growth we've seen in each of the last two quarters.

Along with the market, Senator Cassidy appreciates President Trump's handling of international politics.

"If you look at foreign policy, oh everybody's worried about that. In the middle east, Russia and Iran were continually pushing everywhere they could under the Obama administration. That stopped under the Trump administration. Germany, they complained about the president saying you have to pay your fair share towards NATO. But they're now increasing the amount of money that they're paying towards NATO. China never used their leverage against North Korea. And now, although people may criticize his method, China just put sanctions on North Korea to get them to tame down their nuclear program."

Congressman Abraham echoed those thoughts, while supporting the increased military effort to go along with it.

"Look at our military, it's being built back up to where it should be," he said. "And again, we're gonna need it with all the issues going on globally. Iran, North Korea, China, Russia." 

But while two of our republican congress members are fans of President Trump, it's clear that not all are.

"On the republican side there are some of us that still have issues getting behind President Trump," Congressman Abraham said.

You might remember candidate trump use the phrases "Build a Wall" and "Repeal and Replace Obamacare" a few times.

"I think in two very prominent areas he campaigned on, health care and immigration, he's fallen well short," said Dr. Stockley. "There's no substantial legislation."

He points out the Trump cabinet is failing to get anything through while the GOP has the White House and majority control in the House and Senate.

"He can't get a majority of his own individuals who control these two institutions to agree with him," Dr. Stockley said. "And that...That's alarming. How come he can't get his own party to agree with him? It speaks something of him, his ideas, and what's going on in congress."

So...what is this issue that's stopping conservative legislature?

It depends on who you ask.

"I think you have a president, as a business man, who is so used to doing whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted," Dr. Stockley said. "Businessmen can just make decisions, as long as it's in compliance, you don't have to have anyone agree with you. Politics does not work that way. To overcome the difficulty of the system requires networking and relationships. Trump hasn't forged those relationships."

"I understand (President Trump's) frustration when we, as republicans, campaigned on certain issues and then some of us unfortunately don't vote for those issues," Congressman Abraham said. "Those that don't vote for issues they campaigned on, that President Trump wants to get done, they probably need to seek another party."

Whatever the issue is, something may need to change quickly if President Trump and the GOP want to get their bills through congress.

With the 2018 midterms looming, they can only guarantee a republican majority for another year.

"If the democrats were to take one of these two chambers...He thinks it's difficult now to pass legislation," Dr. Stockley said. "It's gonna be nearly impossible."

A frightening possibility for the Trump administration, given how midterms can go.

"Historically the majority party at midterms loses somewhere between 30 and 40 members of that party," Congressman Abraham said. "And that goes back decades and decades if you look at the history."

Suffice to say, this next year will be incredibly important for President Trump, as he works to prove himself to his entire party.

Congressman Abraham is confident he'll finally start to unite people.

"Once this tax reform package takes place, which is gonna be in this year of the first quarter of next year," Congressman Abraham said. "Once we get health care on line and on track and get away from the affordable care act. People are going to understand this is an administration, and this is a republican congress, both on the house and the senate side that means business and actually gets things done. Once they see that, then they're going to say 'hey, these guys and ladies need to go back in and continue the journey.'"

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