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National Gun Violence Awareness Day: A mother's fight to honor her daughter's legacy

MONROE, La. - Gun violence kills 96 people every day. 17-year-old Alyssa Neitz died February 23, 2018 and her mother Jennifer tells me her mission is about taking responsibility. From the 13-year-old charged with killing Alyssa, to anybody who allows guns in the wrong hands.

Jennifer Neitz says she doesn't want you to forget the name Alyssa. The death of her daughter from gun violence is still hard to bare, and she says it's even harder knowing it's happening to other children every single day.

"It hurts my feelings so much to know that there is other kids that have died since her. I wish I could stop them all," she said. 

For National Gun Violence Awareness Day, Neitz wanted to continue educating people about gun violence. She went to Louisville Avenue in Monroe with a sign in hand in hopes to help save other lives.

"The little boy that was shot over in Parkview and the one down in Lake Charles along with my daughter, it just really hurts my feelings to know it's becoming such a huge problem," said Neitz.

Neitz says anyone with guns needs to store them properly to keep them out of the hands of kids and she believes there are plenty of ways to do that.

"You have gun safes, trigger locks and there's also safety bullets. There's a lot of different ways to store your firearms safely and people need to start using them," she said. 

Neitz believes that gun tragedies involving children happen because often kids crave power.

"As a kid, power is interesting, so they're playing with guns and accidents happen."

However, Neitz said she will continue her mission to honor her daughter's memory with the Alyssa law, 
Assure Louisiana's Youth Safety Security and Awareness. 

Wearorangedot.org lists the observances all across America this weekend. Monroe's Moonlight Marina has free chili dogs for anyone who comes wearing orange.

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