Mueller, Inc. purchasing Ruffin Building Systems

Oak Grove, La-- - The owner of Ruffin Building Systems, Shelton Ruffin, is selling his metal business to one of his good friends, Bryan Davenport.
Davenport is the owner of Mueller, Inc. out of Ballinger, Texas, another company specializing in metal buildings.
Ruffin said he's retiring and knew there was only one man for the job.
"Bryan and I got together and I said, 'I think you'll carry on the legacy that I started here,'" said Ruffin. 
It's a legacy that goes back 45 years, with one welding machine and one cutting torch at Ruffin's house.
Fast forward to today, Ruffin is about 300,000 square feet with hundreds of employees and manufacturing equipment.
Davenport said the change in ownership, of the large company, has been in the works for years.
Mueller's Inc, opened in the 60's and has locations in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Mexico.
Oak grove will be its 36th location.
Mayor Adam Holland said this will be a good change for Oak Grove.
"His goal is, within the next few years, to double the number of employees that are at the existing plant and that's a positive thing...that's positive for the town of Oak Grove, West Carroll Parish, all of Northeast Louisiana, and the Delta."

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