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West Monroe, LA (6/12/18) - Police have identified the suspect in the crash of a Monroe Police cruiser on Sunday, and we know more about how they believe she was able to do it.    

Police say 29 year old Candice Dowd is the suspect who stole the cruiser -- sending police on a high speed chase down I-20 Sunday.

Police say Dowd was in the back seat of the locked Tahoe when she was able to wiggle her way out of the handcuffs and made her way through the sliding glass window and into the front, then got behind the wheel and took off heading west on I-20. 

Louisiana State Police had to use spike sticks to stop her.

Updates this morning on the weekend standoff that rattled a West Monroe neighborhood.

Police are still looking for two suspects, Christopher Williams and Brittany Sample, wanted for an armed robbery.

Call (318)-388-CASH if you know where they are, and you could get a $2,000 reward.

The search for the couple led police to a house on Rex Street.

Believing they were inside, police shut down the neighborhood, and eventually went into the home. 

During the standoff -- police deployed gas, broke windows and tore doors from their hinges. 

In our Facebook Live of the incident viewers were asking who is responsible for the damages, so we reached out to the West Monroe Police Department who told us they won't be paying.

Insurance agents are saying the homeowners will more than likely have to pay out of pocket.

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