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Monticello family loses home in fire

MONTICELLO, Ark. - 2018 April 06

Pamela Hutchison watches as everything she once knew sits in piles of soot.

"Everything I worked on for the last three years. Everything from appliances to furniture."

Wednesday afternoon around 3:00, her life took a turn.

"Around 1:30 pm we were there to pick up my niece, and the trailer was fine. At 3:30 pm we got a call saying it was on fire," she said.

By the time the fire department made it there, it was a total loss.

Pamela says all she has left to hold on to is memories.

"I don't know how to replace everything and start all over again cause three years ago we moved here and had to start all over again already, and now it's like totally starting all over again, but when your kids lose everything, it's so heartbreaking."

Now she's just trying to find help any way she can because she simply doesn't know where to start.

Until then, she says she and her family are taking it day by day until they find a solution.

Click here to go to Pamela's GoFundMe page.

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