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Monroe woman held at gunpoint escapes to safety

MONROE - A Monroe woman was held at gunpoint at her home but was able to escape to safety. She says the surveillance footage tells only a portion of the story.

According to Cynthia Powell-Barral, she was just getting home. As she went to put her key into the door a hooded gunman held her up asking to use her phone. 

However, what happens next, one may not expect. Barral said she got aggressive and yelled at the gunman to get out of her yard. This is when you can see in the surveillance footage that she slams the door in his face and the gunman simply walks away.

Barral said she was unable to sleep the entire night but she does believe that her aggressive response stumped the gunman which is why he ended up leaving.

The Monroe Police Department are investigating the case and anyone with information is encouraged to contact them.

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