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Monroe Shelter struggling to keep overnight service

MONROE, La. - The DeSiard Street Shelter means more to the community than people know.

"This is a ministry it's not a program," Billy Varner, of the DeSiard Street Shelter Director said.

For him, it's a symbol of service.

"We're here to serve people and we don't know what that service looks like," Varner said. 

A reminder that these people could be any one of us.

"You have doctors, you have lawyers, people from all walks of life we are just one tragedy from being homeless," Varner said.

"We all come from different walks of life and they just hit a bump in the road and we're here to help them," Case Manager, Ellie Wheaton said.

The shelter gives people down and out a place to go during the day and ever since the Salvation Army closed down they've been giving them a place to sleep at night too.

 If the community doesn't step up, though and fast the people they help could end up sleeping in the streets.

"I can't imagine it," Wheaton said.

"That is one of the main things people need they need a place to sleep at night."

"They would be sleeping on somebody's door step,downtown behind buildings, behind trash dumpsters, in the woods, along the levee," Varner said.

So, they challenge the community to do their part little by little.

"They don't have anybody else that has their back," Wheaton said.

"Imagine if every church in this community would just put $10 or one dollar," Varner said.

Warning them to not rush to judgment.

"Until you've been in their shoes or our shoes as working here helping these people you don't really know," Wheaton said.

"We need all the help we can get this is community for these people.

"That's our job as a community that's our job as human beings," Varner said.

For more on how you can help support the shelter visit their web page below: 



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