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Monroe residents voice their concerns about potential budget cuts

Monroe, La.-- - Tuesday night city workers and union leaders took the podium at the Monroe City Council meeting.

Here they asked for higher wages for city employees and voiced their concerns about the closing down of community centers and bus routes.

This comes after the city announced it was projecting a 4-million dollar shortfall this fiscal year.

However, Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo said that there is a misunderstanding about how the budget works and that the city is doing what is best for its residents. 

"We're talking about laying off employees, we're not hiring employees," said Robert Johnson, a union representative for Monroe city workers. "We serve the citizens of Monroe, but yet we don't have the power or the people to get the job done."

"Some of the things that was said tonight was just because of not being informed as to how the budget works," Mayor Mayo said.

Mayor Mayo said all of its major departments could be on the chopping block, including police and public works.

He said all of the departments plan on reducing their dollars spent by 5-percent. 


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