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Monroe Fire Department holds citywide fire drill

MONROE, La. - The Monroe Fire Department has a calendar filled with activities to help educate the community during Fire Safety Prevention Week.

This year's theme is: "Every Second Counts, Plan Two Ways Out."

They started this morning with a stop at Wossman High School for a citywide fire drill.

While the event wasn't mandatory, they encouraged everyone in the community to participate.

Firefighters offered safety tips such as asking every homeowner and business owner to plan at least two escape routes.

They say the best way to be safe is to be prepared.

"We just want everybody to know what to do in the event so there's not so much chaos," said Antonio Smith, Monroe Fire Department. "We want everybody to know what the meeting place is so everybody can be accounted for, and once you're out, never go back in for any reason."

If you need a smoke alarm, you can drop by the Public Safety building on MLK Drive or call 329-2475 to request one to be installed in your home or business.

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