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Monroe family believes the wrong person is accused of teen's murder

Family says evidence proves cousin is the wrong one behind bars

MONROE, La. - A painful day for a Monroe mother still grieving the loss of her son, but she's got high hopes.
 "Justice for Junebug," Latasha Benton said.

It's the hope that she will find out once and for all what happened the day her son, Junius "June Bug" Benton the day he was shot and killed.

That was nearly a year ago.

June 27, 2017 the Benton family said good bye to the 16-year-old, but they believe the person accused of the murder is the wrong one and they say they can prove it. 

"It wasn't just cut and dry from the beginning," Latasha Benton said.

She says rumors about the incident was all she had to hang on to until the family got a hold of some real evidence.

"All we got was a whole bunch of stories until we actually got the video."

They have the video showing the moments leading to her son being shot. 

 "When I watched it play for play it's still hard to watch at first, but I had to go back and analyze it step by step, second by second," she said.

"Who was where what they were doing what kind of moments they made, hands in the air hands down and all actions."

For her, the surveillance video capturing the tragic events of that day makes things more clear.

"I watched all that and it gave me the conclusion that we got the wrong person," she said.

That person, Davontae Coleman is their cousin and they say he was standing behind Junius when what was supposed to be a fight between two groups of young men turned into shots being fired.

Junius suffered a gunshot wound to the chest and died on the way to the hospital.

"For him to get shot in the front and the person that's accused of shooting him is shooting behind him, how is that possible?" she asked.

The autopsy report makes them ask the same question. 

 "In the autopsy it says no close range," she said.

They feel investigators need to take another look at the video and the autopsy report.

"Start all over again," she said.

As of right now, Coleman still stand accused of the murder. There's been no word of any other suspects to come into the picture.

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