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Medical officials in Ashley County learn how to "Stop the Bleed"

ASHLEY COUNTY, Ark. - 2018 January 24

Major Clayton Goddard says that 75- 90% of all trauma-related deaths occur before the patient ever reaches a hospital. 

Nurses, local law enforcement, and school district officials gathered at the Ashley County Medical Center for a program to help decrease those numbers.

"We're trying to change a mindset to where the general public realizes that they can, in fact, be involved with saving lives."

They are taking a "train the trainer" type approach to the class. 

They are learning new information and taking it out to their community to stop the bleed.

"Bystanders are there at the time of the injury," said Dr. Skip MacDonald. "Maybe three to five minutes perhaps ten before a trained person will show up. There's no reason that a bystander can't stem and tie the bleeding.

The statewide initiative gives them hands-on experience while busting myths about treating trauma.

"We're going to go into where we have maybe flaws in our response system, but with the increased need," said Goddard.

And medical professionals say in light of recent schools shooting they have to change the way they approach things, and there is no better way than to prepare themselves before situations arise.

"We started looking, how can we get bystanders and immediate responders involved, and after the shootings that you mentioned in Texas or Kentucky, could this make a difference, yea, because I'm sure with the patients in that small town of Kentucky, there are not enough ambulances in that first five minutes, so my teachers could do something, my students could do something."

As they continue to learn more skills to be better prepared, they know they could be helping dozens more in a situation of need.

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