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Man walking across U.S. gets life changing news in Ruston

RUSTON, La. - (3/14/2018) Sometimes a crusader, no matter how strong, ends up fighting his or her own battles. That is the case for one Tennessee man. In 2014, Mike Pozzi started walking across America to raise awareness about the stigma surrounding mental health all in memory of his brother Chris who died in 2005.

However, when Mike got to Ruston in October 2014, his walking journey across the U.S. stopped. He learned he had stage 4 colon cancer.

While he was in Ruston, Mike meet Judi Null at The Health Hut in Ruston. You can click here to read his blog about his journey across the U.S. and his ultimate stop in Ruston.

Now, Judi is telling us about her friend. Mike was "Foot-Cruising Across America" when he met Judy. He was on day 52 of his walk when he told Judy about some pain in his legs. "He had been talking about  shin splints from walking." says Judi who convinced him he needed a routine checkup. "He's walked halfway across America. It's probably a good time to just get a check-up see how you're doing."


However, when doctors came back, they had terrible news to share. He had colon cancer. Stage 4 colon cancer. "He needed to have a third of his colon removed and they also found spots on his liver." says Judi.


Mike has received chemo since, but now, doctors say he is nearing the end of the finish line. Judi tell us, "After treatment he decided that he didn't want to live like that. I'm losing a friend that I certainly care about."


In the mean time Judi wishes to honor his memory and help his family get through what will soon be a tough time. "I can't imagine what it's like to face end of life issues and knowing that your family is going to struggle as well. We could do something." says Judy.


On Wednesday, Mike was in too much pain to talk to us on the phone, but he got a message from Ruston to his hospital in Knoxville, TN. "God is still using you I want you to know that I love you and we will talk soon." says Judi.


To help Mike Pozzi with his medical expenses, click here to go to his GoFundMe page.



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