Man says part-time Bernice police officer harassed him; slammed leg in car door nine times

BERNICE, La. - The type of video that Joan Davis says would make tears come to a mother's eyes.

"Especially when you know your child, and you know he's not a violent person," she said.

Thirty-seven-year-old gospel singer, John Jackson was stopped on Highway 167 near First Baptist Church in Bernice.

He was accused of going 56mph in a 35mph zone.

After Jackson signed his citation, he says things took a turn for the worse.

"He said, I'm not like that sir, I'm not like that sir," said Davis. "He tried his best to reason with the man."

He says the part-time officer, David Hill, said his signature on the ticket didn't match the one on his license, resulting in Hill getting violent, arresting him and slamming his leg in the door nine times, and eventually choking him and making light of Jackson's heart condition while threatening to tase him.

"His legs were swole so big, and his neck, you could just see where it was swole," said Davis.

Now, his family and attorney are calling for town leaders to terminate, arrest and charge Hill.

"We just hope that we can prevent other citizens from being subjected to this type of excessive force and abuse," said Carol Powell Lexing, Attorney.

His mother says that she is thankful he thought to record.

"It was nobody but God because his phone doesn't even work in that area," said Davis.

We contacted the Bernice Police Department.

They say the investigation is ongoing and has been turned over to another agency.

Friends of the officer have reached out to us, saying the full arrest report would show his actions were justified, but Bernice police has refused to turn it over.

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