Man accused of meth posession says he was trying to save his brother

WEST MONROE, La. - A West Monroe man is trying to clear his name.

"I just want to thank ya'll for letting me tell my side of the story" says Ronnie Wyrick.

Wyrick says he's accused of a crime he didn't commit and the only thing he's guilty of is loving his younger brother Michael Wyrick.

"We love each other we're all we had growing up," Wyrick said.

So, when he got a call that his brother Mike's struggle with drugs was taking a turn for the worse--he took it upon himself to save him.

"I went straight to the Circle K on Jackson Street and got him a 32 oz Coke, a chicken breast, and a roll," he said.

"He needed something to eat."

As he looked at the condition of his brother Ronnie's concern grew by the minute.

Then, he noticed Mike had a gun.

"We road down to La Fourche canal so I could try to talk the pistol away from him because in his state of mind. He didn't need no weapons," he said.

He took him to one of their favorite fishing spots to get away, but Ronnie wasn't prepared for what happened next.

"We were sitting under the bridge and I was trying to talk him out of the pistol and the game wardens pulled up behind us," he said.

The game warden asked to search the car.

Ronnie says he didn't have anything to hide. What he didn't know is that his brother did.

"They found a little baggie of meth shoved down in the passenger seat of my truck they put us in handcuffs," Wyrick said. 

"I told my little brother I said tell that man who's that is because that's not mine."

They both went down for possession of meth.

Even though he's been released, he lost his job and his reputation.

"It's ruined my life. It's basically ruined my life in three days," Wyrick said.

His wife has sat through it all while Ronnie has seen the backlash on social media.

"Besides the anger it breaks my heart," Angela Wyrick said.

She's frustrated with her husband for not knowing when to let go.

"He loves him so much he would sacrifice everything to save his life," she said.

Despite getting them both in trouble Ronnie still hopes to save his brother.

"I would do anything in the world for my family even my brother," Ronnie Wyrick said.

"When he gets out of jail if I can help him in anyway I will break my back to help him."

Wyrick also said while he is upset he was arrested, he understands why officers had to follow procedure after Michael denied the drugs belonged to him since the drugs were found in Ronnie's truck.

Michael Wyrick is currently being held in the Ouachita Correctional Center. Ronnie hopes that after this, he can get his job, his life, and his little brother back.

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