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Magnolia Police investigate bomb threat at Magnolia High School

MAGNOLIA, Ark. - 2017 November 07

Magnolia Police are investigating after Magnolia High School received a bomb threat phone call.

According to police, the arrived at the campus around 8:00 a.m.

Investigators cleared the campus and searched buses and buildings.

Officials say they did not find anything on the campus.

"Right now it's still under investigation," said Police Chief Glenn Maxwell. "The investigators are still looking into it. We just go through the process of doing it."

Administrators say students were allowed back in Magnolia High School about an hour after it was evacuated.

The principal of Magnolia High School released the following statement:

"Today we received a phone call in bomb threat; the high school was evacuated quickly and smoothly.  The Magnolia PD and the Columbia County Sheriff's office responded quickly and searched the building thoroughly.  Nothing was found, and the students returned to class about an hour after we evacuated."

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