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Local woman runs Boston Marathon for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

BASTROP, La. - Kathryn Waggoner has a lot to be proud of after running the most important race of her life.

"I'm proud that I did it I really am," she said.

The Monroe native finished the 26-mile Boston Marathon while facing pouring rain and cold conditions.

"They said the wind was 25-35 miles an hour either coming at your face or at your side."

"She was in relief that she finished it," her son Will said.

For her it's nothing compared to the race her son, Charles Willimam "Buck" Bostic, was up against.

"My son Buck was a patient and St. Jude for a bout a year and a half and he passed away April 2003," she said.

"I think about him; he was so tough and so strong."

Buck  lost his battle with cancer but she fights on for kids like him and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital that cares for patients and their families for free.

"I just want people to know to know about st. Jude and how wonderful a place it is and how you do need to donate," Kathryn said.

The St. Jude team took her and 12 others to Boston to raise awareness and help raise money to support the hospital.

"It was cool to see everybody running for st. Jude and that many people raising that much money," Will said.

However, she didn't just finish the race. 

"Saw my family and [my daughter] Caroline was telling me do you know what your time was?"  she said.

"I said I don't know and i don't even care, she said five hours and four minutes I was shocked."

"This was my fastest time that I've run."

With her family and community cheering her on, she surpassed even her own expectations, with Buck on her mind.

"I can't help but think he'd be really proud of me," Kathryn said.

The St. Jude team raised more than $214,000. Kathryn raised $17,000 on her own with help from the Bastrop community and the surrounding communities.

For more on how to donate or get involved with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, visit their website below:




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