Local store collects donations for Vicksburg during water crisis

WEST MONROE, La. - A city with no water, getting help from a city that remembers having too much just over a year ago.

Fred's Pharmacy on Washington Street is getting donations in the form of cases of bottled water to help the people of Vicksburg.

After hearing one of her workers talk about the water crisis, store manager Shelly Slaton simply could not ignore the need for water.

"You don't know what to do so all you can do is get outside help, I mean, and if people would do that and then it would make the world a better place."

Customers can donate by purchasing a case of water at the register.

Customers are also signing a card offering sympathy and letting the people of Vicksburg know where the water is coming from.

And the cost isn't a burden, just 85 cents for a gallon and $2 for a 24-pack.



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