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Local shelter asking for help as warmer temps come in

OUACHITA Parish - Warmer temperatures mean the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter needs help keeping our furry friends cool and healthy this summer. 

The shelter needs new fans and more extension cords so dogs and cats in every cage will be able to feel the breeze. 

The shelter also needs plenty of cat litter and dog food. It goes through about 100 pounds of dog food every 3 days.

It's hard to find room for every animal, but Duck Campbell says this is the only place that will keep them alive. 

"We work day and night to get them adopted rescued and fostered you know, and the rest have to pay the ultimate penalty. Like the words even coming out of my mouth right now I'm about to tear up right now just even thinking about it," says Duck Campbell.

The words "high kill shelter" brings duck to tears. 

Duck says social media has played a huge part in getting some animals forever homes and much needed supplies, but more and more animals are coming in every day. 

The shelter is always looking for volunteers to help wash puppies, feed them treats, take them on walks, and bottle feed kittens if cats are more your thing.  

The shelter is open 6 days a week.

For more information on how you can help, click here.

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