Local Consignors Team Up With Rhea Lana's For Back to School Sale

MONROE,La.-- - Local consignors discovered a new an inventive way to sell items.  
"We are supporting families by letting them come in and sale their unused and out grown clothing and baby items and toys so they're making money off of that and then they are able to put that back into their family and buy new things for their family, says local Rhea Lana's owner, Rebecca Johnson. 
Rhea Lana's back to school sale allows people to decide how to price their items and even track their sales online.
"They know how much money they are making in real time.  They're watching their sales online, they're all texting me saying they are so excited because they are making three hundred dollars, four hundred dollars, I got people making thousands of dollars," says Johnson.
Organizers say consignors are seeing a 70% return on their sold items, and can rest easy under a promise of protection.  
"We guarantee our items, so, if something is lost or stolen on our watch, we pay them for it just like it's sold," says Johnson.
Organizers say this is a great organization that keeps the money flowing locally in order to benefit residents. 
"We are proud to be here, and we just really enjoy serving families, and helping families stretch their dollar and stretch that budget," says Johnson.
Learn more by visiting http://monroe.rhealana.com/

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