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Live Oaks Bar & Ballroom temporarily closed due to underage drinking violation

MONROE, La. - (2/26/2018) Twin city residents will have to go without one of the more popular spots in town at least for a couple weeks, and it appears it is all from the mistake of letting alcohol get into the wrong hands.

People we talked to say when they think of Live Oaks, it's usually in a light-hearted way. 

"Fun positive I love that there's always live music there," said resident, Christina Gray. 

When customers heard they were closing down temporarily for renovations, they were a little bummed. but we found out that's not the whole story.
Their doors won't be open for the next couple weeks. That's because Live Oaks was hit with a 15-day suspension for several violations, and the biggest one was the sale of alcohol to minors.  

The suspension handed down from the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

"I was very shocked because it's always been a very structured atmosphere and a very trusting environment, too," said Gray.   

Sources close to the business owners say it's the first violation they've faced in 20 years of having a liquor license.
"You're always gonna have that you're gonna have under aged people trying to drink," said Michael Kasey. 

Michael Kasey is very familiar with the bar's owners and did not hesitate to give them the benefit of the doubt.

"I know pretty much all of them personally and they're stand-up people. I know that if you're not 21, they're not going to serve you drinks," said Kasey. 

It's not a permanent punishment, but for some it's a warning sign to keep minors trying to drink on their radar.

"People are probably going to be shocked like me, but I hope that it's an eye opener to other places around," said Gray. 

"My opinion, if you're not 21, you shouldn't be drinking whether you're at the bar or not. Honestly, I know people who are 31 that shouldn't be drinking," said Kasey. "Whether you're under 21 or over 21 I think you should stay home and read your bible." 

Now, the suspension from serving a minor has affected a thriving Monroe business in a major way.

However, for how long is still uncertain.

According to the ATC, the suspension is not permanent but depending how things go with the legal process, it could be extended for another week.

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