Landlord accused of pepper spraying tenant and baby

MONROE, La. - A fight between two Monroe residents leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Officers say they responded to a call where a heated argument between and a landlord got physical.

Police say during the fight Ruthie Jackson pepper sprayed the tenant who was holding an infant. The little baby was maced too.

Jackson was arrested and the incident report leaves the alleged victim anonymous.

And as for the accused? Since then Jackson has been released on bond. We went to get her side of the story.

KTVE/KARD briefly spoke to Jackson at her home off camera she told us she really didn't want to talk about the incident.

She did mention to police that what was being reported about her wasn't the real story and that she was poked in the eye.

The police reports says Jackson also has no prior criminal history.

So many questions still on the table.

What caused the fight?

Why did did it escalate? 

More details could learn come out when this case goes to court.

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